Cabot farm families have each others back! Today, we are proud to be apart of such a great co-op that has stayed true through the test of time. The taste? It comes from doing it the right way!


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3 People and 7 Days Later

The design is unmistakable. It’s seen by thousands of people everyday along the southern side of I-90 in Pattersonville, NY. Between Exit 26 and 27 lays the Cabot Cheese Plaid Barn. In 2018, Dellavale Farm was chosen by Cabot to get their barn painted as part of Cabot’s 100 year anniversary. Cabot came in with this small stencil, but it didn’t work for our big metal barn, so they ended up having to draw out the squares and hand paint this huge barn. It took them a whole day just to figure out how they were going to do it!

The barn—formerly known as the “gray” barn—has been aptly renamed the “plaid” barn now that it’s decked out in a bold new take on Cabot’s iconic black and red plaid, plus an original antique tractor design by artist and muralist Abby Manock. The barn painting was quite an undertaking, Terri says. “The week before, we had to do the undercoating, and we had to rent a lift to reach up to the peak.” From there, a three-person crew brought the mural to life over the course of seven busy days in late August. As for Terri’s reaction; “Absolute amazement.” 


EST. 1918


    Claude Phillips purchased 170 acres in 1918 in the Town of Florida, Montgomery County. The farm’s income was derived from dairy and crop sales. As was typical for farms of that era, food was provided by their livestock and garden. Claude’s son, Harold, together with his wife, Della Mae, bought the farm in 1936 from Harold’s siblings. Harold and Della Mae worked hard to create a dairy of excellence. They were the first local farm to purchase a bulk tank in 1958, eliminating the need to haul milk cans to the creamery. Their milk was shipped to Sealtest Company of Schenectady. They maintained a registered Holstein herd of 30 milkers and received many top production awards.

     In 1938, a tornado ripped off the barn roof and leveled a wooden silo, providing the impetus for new buildings and updates. Harold began purchasing used tractors for field work in 1939, buying his first Farmall tractor. Oxen and horses were still maintained, while no longer needed for field work. In 1953, the NYS Thruway bisected the farm. Money acquired through eminent domain provided necessary funding for the purchase of a neighbor’s property on the south side of the Thruway. This eliminated a two-mile drive to get from one end of the farm to the other. In 1970, Harold and Della Mae’s son, Ronald Phillips, and his wife, Elma, purchased the farm. 

     Ronald and Elma’s children helped with everyday work, raking, cultivating, plowing, and barn work. The farm was expanded to 46 milking cows, and a Harder Silo was added for corn storage. A milk pipeline was added later, which saved milking time. Ronald also designed a manure pit at a significant cost savings. New barns were built and sided with steel, and new roofs were installed. 

    A second tornado hit the farm in 1983 destroying a concrete garage. Neighbors helped pick up the pieces. The garage was replaced with a 40’ x 80’ Morton Building. In 2001, Ronald and Elma’s daughter, Theresa Phillips, married Tom Nelson, and they purchased the farm to begin the fourth generation of the Phillips’ operating Dellavale Farm. Crop acreage increased from 220 to 500 acres. A mixer wagon was purchased. A tunnel ventilation system was installed in 2004. The barnyard was redone in 2008 with a filter strip to divert runoff. The farm currently ships to Agri-Mark, maker of Cabot and McCadam products, which Theresa and her niece help to promote. 

    Theresa and Tom promote agriculture through other ventures. Annually they host a youth from John Bowne High School to enable students to experience agricultural life outside NYC. These young people have become part of the family, and often come back to visit. Untilled fields are utilized by a new venture called “Dellavale Farm Dwellings,” which provides a farm-stay in a teepee or tent enabling urban families to have a farm living experience. 

    The Phillips family has a long history of community involvement and service. Currently Tom serves on the Town of Florida Zoning Board of Appeals; both Tom and Theresa are members of the Montgomery County Agricultural Society. Theresa is a past youth advisor at her church, coaches youth softball teams, and promotes dairy products after being crowned the 1986 Montgomery County Dairy Princess. With her sister and nephew, Theresa rebuilt Kline Klimbers 4-H Club four years ago which now includes 18 members. The farm hosts many events, including Montgomery County Sundae on the Farm.


783 Pattersonville Rd.
Pattersonville, NY 12137